We are a women’s fashion boutique here in BC, Canada. All our clothing line are comfortable, elegant and stylish for all ages and occasions. Our range of occasions include weddings, parties, engagements, Sunday masses, baptisms, communions, etc.


After running my business with my husband for 18 years, we sold it in 2020. After taking a break I felt the calling to do something meaningful and beautiful that incorporated my faith and God in it.

I was in a time of change in my life, and I found inspiration in nature during my daily walks. I would soak in God’s creation, as I prayed and tried to find my next endeavor. Slowly, an idea I had flirted with in my youth started to coalesce.

I have always loved clothes and had wanted to open my own boutique with my friend during my youth. As a Catholic I go to mass on Sunday and find it difficult to find tasteful, and beautiful clothing that represents me. I found that many women in my community were looking for the same things in clothing as I was. We want beautiful, comfortable and reasonably priced garments that reflect our grace and womanhood.

Mary, The Mother of God is portrayed as beautiful, kind and dignified. Her image of women is who I want to dress. After a lot of soul-searching the name Grace Dignified Women’s Clothing Line spoke to me.

Clothing that represents elegance and class. Clothing that showcases the inner beauty and grace of a woman. Clothing that reflects a woman’s goodness and attracts goodness from others.

I want to pick each piece to reflect God‘s beautiful feminine creation, no matter what shape or body type. We are all created beautiful in his image and I want to honor that.

Thus landed the idea in my heart that God wants us to reflect his beauty.

With the prayers and love.
Shirley Brunetta